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Black Empowerment

Autor*in: Phyllis X
~1 Minute
Black Empowerment

Autorin: Phyllis X

When we finally define ourselves 

Speak for ourselves 

Uplift ourselves for ourselves 


When we understand ourselves, our past, our future, and our struggle 

Yes, then we are empowered 

We leave our torn past in the back of our head and open ourselves up to our bright but not easy future. 

Being an interwoven subject between these two worlds might be overlooked, 

Might be transparent 

Mistaken for harmfulness 

But yet not giving up and being roses with thorns in a garden full of tulips. 

We are bold, 

We are pride, 

We are power, 

We are grace, 

We are love,

We had kingdoms 

We had advanced High cultures 

Kings and Queens, Goddesses and Gods 

We are still connected to Mother Earth, the Ocean, the sun and as the first Persons we are created according to the almighty Gods and we leave this earth we turn to sand that returns to the never-ending ocean. 

© Foto: eigenes Foto (Phyllis X)